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Virus Removal

We will disinfect your computer, removing all the bugs and viruses quickly guaranteed. You will notice how much faster your computer runs after this service. Flat Rate Virus Removal Remote Service starts at $99 Ready to get started? Call: (855) 999-6425.

VIP Subscription

Enjoy around the clock protection with our Subscription Based Support. Our customers get priority support for a FLAT RATE of $29.99 a Month. Along with on Demand Tech Support we include custom software designed to protect you 24x7 from Cyber Threats.


Ready to get started? Call: (855) 999-6425. Computer infections are all over the internet, they are getting worse and spreading like wild fire. Hackers make computer viruses to hijack bank accounts, passwords and other private information and data. specialize in Virus Removal and Security, it doesn't matter how bad your computer is. Trojans, Worms, Rootkits, Rogue Security Software, Malware, Spyware etc... We will FIX IT for a FLAT RATE, providing top of the line tech support over the internet remotely to help clean up your system and protect it from today's threats.

Our Services includes Virus Removal and Security Services for Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, Apple OSX, Linux, mobile devices, servers and websites

About Us

L Technology Group, LLC. was founded by Nick Lockard. Back in 2008. Nick Lockard realized the lack of qualified IT Security Services designed for the Home and Small Businesses. Seeing this gap Nick Lockard created custom software and procedures to deliver Enterprise style support for everyone else. Nick Lockard has over 12yrs of IT Experience and holds the following Certifications: CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) CompTIA Security+ CompTIA Network+ along with many others.

Ready to get started? Call: (855) 999-6425. Cyber Threats are on the rise. A few of the latest data breaches affecting Home Depot, Target, US Banks and Government. along with Cyber Warfare targeting Americans has led to an increase in Virus attacks, spam and other forms of malware to name a few. No one is safe from this onslaught unless you have the proper protection and tech support plan in place. L Technology Group brings this protection to the rest of us for a FLAT RATE.

Contact Us

L Technology Group is ready to help. We can support any American no matter where you are located. Either give us a call at (855) 999-6425 or email us at

Located in Portland Oregon & Orlando Florida

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(855) 999-6425


Company Information

L Technology Group is fighting the on going Cyber Warfare battle affecting billions of people around the world. Cyber criminals along with Nation States (Government funded) are targeting the US like never before. Just like how every American has the right to bare arms to protect them physically. Virtual protection is just as important. Identity Theft, Bank Account Hijacking, Password stealing to name a few of the threats everyone is exposed to. L Technology Group has created services designed to combat theses threats.

Our goal is to help protect Americans Internet along with all their systems and networks connected to it. It has become a very dangerous time to use the Internet with all the Virus Infections, Fake websites and software, SPAM and other Spyware lurking to infect your computer. It requires an experts knowledge and custom tools to aid in the fight against cyber attacks and threats. Ready to get started? Call: (855) 999-6425.

Monitoring, Updating, Patching, Testing along with configuring Firewalls, Rules, Audits on user accounts, data and Malware protection are some of the key points we offer to our clients. At the end of the day it doesn't matter how many settings and software one has enabled, the end user (you) are the weakest link and that is why L Technology Group provides security training and best practices to help make you safer online. The knowledge gained will help protect you even more.

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