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A few reasons why you should use L Technology Group LLC.

Guaranteed Working Solutions

At L Technology Group, LLC. we take the time to learn our customers needs and deliver custom tailored solutions that meet budget requirements and time lines. You can rest easy knowing your technology is guarded around the clock.

Fast Response

99% of all IT problems can be solved remotely over a secured Internet connection. At L Technology Group, LLC. we provide fast and reliable remote support services that solve most problems with in a few hours or less!

Customers Love Us

Our clients enjoy our services so much they never leave! We build long lasting relationships with our customers because we want to see you succeed. You can count on us to help make sure your IT needs are met along the way!


We are confident in our services that we will fix your problems. However in the unlikely event we are unable to fix your problems you can rest easy knowing we will not charge you! Go ahead and try something new risk free!

Frequently Asked Questions

My computer has been running slow, can you help?

Yes, no matter what the problem is we have services that can solve all issues related to a slow computer!

A virus keeps coming back, can you fix it?

Yes, hackers are constantly writing new infections that spread automatically and are able to by-pass most security programs and settings. We specialize in virus removal and properly securing your computer from future attacks.

Do you provide support for home users?

Yes, the only requirement we have is you need an Internet connection. We can even help you troubleshoot Internet problems over the phone too!

My business has over 10 computers and servers, can you help?

Yes, no client is to big or small and we support Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Windows Server 2008, 2012, OSX, IOS, Android and all versions of Linux and Unix.

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