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Thanks for another wonderful MIRcon®, everyone! It’s been an
honor to bring together so many leading minds in cybersecurity, and
to foster conversations about what we can all do to safeguard the
information and innovationson which so much of us rely on. The
second and final day of MIRcon 2013 featured many great discussions,
including these highlights:

  • A keynote from General Michael Hayden,
    addressing the current cybersecurity threat landscape and
    promising developments in technology and policy MIRcon Keynote General Michael HaydenMIRcon Keynote General Michael Hayden
  • A technical-track discussion led by Nick Pelletier on using the
    oft-unused scripting functionality of Wireshark Network
    Protocol Analyzer
    to aid network traffic analysis
  • A management-track discussion on the challenges and gray areas
    of Digital Security Policy with Kristen Verderame
    of Pondera International, Stewart Baker of Steptoe & Johnson
    LLP, Tom Corcoran, professional staff member of the House
    Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, and Josh Alexander,
    professional staff member of the Senate Select Committee on
    Intelligence, Paul Rosenzweig of Red Branch Consulting
  • A management-track discussion with Wade Woolwine on
    maximizing return – and avoiding common
    – with managed security service providers (MSSPs)
  • Jason Wood from Secure Ideas, speaking on using
    ModSecurity to analyze Web app Attacks
  • A management-track talk from Lhadon Tethong of Tibet
    Action Institute
    on defending against state-sponsored
    attacks, and the approaches they take to protect the Tibetan
    community and their computer networks from China-based attacks
  • Daniel Beck and Peter Smith’s technical-track discussion,
    Walking the Wire – best practices for a robust,
    balanced network of defenses Panel Session at MIRcon 213Panel Session at MIRcon 2013
  • Rohyt Belani’s management-track discussion on training
    and leveraging employees
    so that they become security assets
  • Liam Randall of Broala, who presented on our technical-track
    about using the Bro Platform to analyze,
    understand and secure embedded and ICS networks
  • A discussion with Fernando Mejía and Dr. Eleazar Aguirre Anaya
    of the Instituto Politécnico Nacional, with a technical-track
    presentation on security incident handling on mobile devices
  • Our annual discussion with Lisa Branco of CEB and Jake Sommer of
    ZwillGen PLLC on legal issues and obligations for
    those in the incident detection and response field

To read highlights from the first day of MIRcon, click here.

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from a few of our speakers. Until next year!

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