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MIRcon 2014MIRcon 2014

It seemed
fitting that the last day of MIRcon started with a total lunar
eclipse and ended with an inspirational keynote address by renowned
astrophysicist Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson. After an amazing two days of
content, MIRcon 2014 is officially in the books! Following are some
of the highlights.

  • Chris Sanders and Jason Smith’s presentation, Applied
    Detection and Analysis Using Flow Data
    , discussed how
    flow data can be used for detecting both structured and
    unstructured threats The presenters also spoke on how flow data
    can be used to augment the analysis of network security events
    detected by other mechanisms.
  • Amanda Stewart brought attendees up to speed about the true
    nature of Mac OSX malware, dissected OSX malware authors, and
    common threat indicators and evasion techniques of current OSX
    malware in the wild during her session, “Plists,
    Shell Scripts and Object-C, Oh-My!”
  • Russian nesting dolls, or Matyroshka, served as a clever
    metaphor for Jacob Kitchel’s session entitled, “The
    Security Matryoshka – The Ins, Outs and Challenges of Security
    in a Large Utility,”
    where Jacob discussed the
    complexities of managing security in large organizations.
  • After lunch, famed astrophysicist Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson
    mesmerized the crowd and gave an inspiring keynote address as he
    commented on the state of science in America during his session,
    “Science as a way of Knowing”.
  • Every good conference needs awards which is why we brought the
    “Malies” back for 2014. In “The 2014
    ‘Malies’ Awards: Best & Worst Targeted Malware of
    Richard Wartell gave attendees a first-hand
    look into how to reverse engineer real-world malware and focused
    on samples with interesting and comical mistakes that malware
    authors made in 2014.
  • Closing out the day, Thoufique Haq and Ned Moran discussed
    evidence of collaboration among advanced attackers, their shared
    tailored tools and evasion techniques, and what their research has
    uncovered about varied collaborating groups in their session,
    “An Insight into Symbiotic APT Groups”.

Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson giving his keynote at MIRcon 2014Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson giving his
keynote at MIRcon 2014

Couldn’t make the conference? Register for
the upcoming recap webinar where we’ll present, at a high
level, everything that went on during this year’s MIRcon. To all of
our attendees, thank you for making this year a smashing

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