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Financial, geopolitical and economical changes made 2015 a very busy
year for the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region,
particularly in the cyber realm. FireEye has been monitoring these
shifting cyber trends and has identified considerable evolutions to
the EMEA threat landscape when comparing the second half of the year
to the first half.

To share our observations, we present the FireEye
Regional Advanced Threat Report for EMEA 2H2015
, a follow on
report from our mid-2015
publication. This report provides an overview of the advanced
persistent threats (APT) targeting computer networks in EMEA during
the second half of 2015, and also contains various other key
observations, including:

  • Cyber attacks continue to reflect ongoing “real world” events.
    In the second half of 2015, with political tensions in Turkey and
    financial tensions on European markets with uncertain outlooks, we
    observed similar patterns in cyber threats.
  • Turkey, Spain,
    Israel, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Great Britain represent
    more than 60 percent of total alerts associated with advanced threat
    activity seen in 2H2015.
  • Ransomware continues to pose a
    threat to organisations, and the malware development lifecycle is so
    short that many organisations continue to struggle at defending
    against compromises.
  • Cybercriminals continue to utilise
    macro embedded Microsoft Office documents to deliver malicious
  • Advanced threats are increasingly targeting
    governments and the financial services industry, and there has been
    a significant increase in attacks targeting the aerospace and
    defense industry.


Looking forward, we predict that malicious actors targeting entities
in the EMEA region are going to become even more disruptive by either
changing data or destroying it. As such, this report additionally
includes some recommendations on how to best defend against today’s
attackers and other threats.

View the
full report.

Join us for a live webinar on Thursday, May 19 2016, 1PM (BST) as we
discuss the latest findings from the report.
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