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In the past several years, a flood of vulnerabilities has hit industrial
control systems (ICS)
– the technological backbone of electric
grids, water supplies, and production lines. These vulnerabilities
affect the reliable operation of sensors, programmable controllers,
software and networking equipment used to automate and monitor the
physical processes that keep our modern world running.

iSIGHT Intelligence
has identified nearly 1,600 publicly
disclosed ICS vulnerabilities since 2000. We go more in depth on these
issues in our latest report,
Critical Lessons from 15 Years of ICS Vulnerabilities
which highlights trends in total ICS vulnerability disclosures, patch
availability, vulnerable device type and vulnerabilities exploited in
the wild.

FireEye’s acquisition of iSIGHT provided tremendous visibility into
the depth and breadth of vulnerabilities in the ICS landscape and how
threat actors try to exploit them. To make matters worse, many of
these vulnerabilities are left unpatched and some are simply
unpatchable due to outdated technology, thus increasing the attack
surface for potential adversaries. In fact, nation-state cyber threat
actors have exploited five of these vulnerabilities in attacks since 2009.

Unfortunately, security personnel from manufacturing, energy, water
and other industries are often unaware of their own control system
assets, not to mention the vulnerabilities that affect them. As a
result, organizations operating these systems are missing the warnings
and leaving their industrial environments exposed to potential threats.

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to download the report and learn more.

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