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Let fall be the season for reverse engineering!
On Sept. 23, 2016, the FireEye Labs Advanced Reverse Engineering
(FLARE) team will be hosting its third annual Flare-On reverse
engineering contest with a designated start time of 8pm ET. This is a
CTF-style challenge for all active and aspiring reverse engineers,
malware analysts and security professionals. The contest will run for
six full weeks, ending Nov. 4, 2016, at 8pm ET.

A total of 10 exquisitely crafted challenges stand between you and a
famed prize that serves as a badge of honor. The progressively
challenging binaries will cover a variety of software platforms and
puzzle techniques. The challenge runs the gamut of skills we believe
are necessary to succeed on the FLARE team. The contest is designed
for individuals, not teams, and there are no parallel tracks of challenges.

Contestants who finish all 10 challenges prior to Nov. 4 will
receive the prize and recognition on the website. Last year’s prize
was a big custom rodeo-style belt buckle and the previous year’s prize
was a challenge coin. This year’s prize is a surprise and will be
announced after the close of the contest.

A live countdown timer on our website is ticking away the moments
until the third annual contest begins, and visitors to the site can
also marvel at the splendor and glory of last year’s winners.
Additionally, you can share your enthusiasm on Twitter with #flareon3.

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