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FireEye iSIGHT Intelligence has been tracking a pair of
cybercriminals that we refer to as the “Vendetta Brothers.” This
enterprising duo uses various strategies to compromise point-of-sale
systems, steal payment card information and sell it on
underground marketplace “Vendetta World.”

The Vendetta Brothers – who we believe operate from Spain and
Eastern Europe – have been observed using everything from phishing to
installing physical skimmers to steal payment card data, and their
targets have mostly been located in the U.S. and Nordic countries.

Our latest report shines light on the Vendetta Brothers’ tactics,
techniques and procedures, which involve the use of practices more
commonly seen
in legitimate business, including outsourcing,
partnerships, diversifying their market, and insulating liability.

We expect to see other cybercriminal groups using these more
advanced techniques as a way of scaling their operations and
increasing profits, all while mitigating risk and potentially
frustrating investigators.

Download the report to learn more about the Vendetta Brothers.

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