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The fourth annual Flare-On Challenge – the FireEye Labs Advanced
Reverse Engineering (FLARE) team’s yearly reverse engineering contest
– is scheduled to kick off on Sept. 1, 2017, at 8pm ET. This is a
CTF-style challenge for all active and aspiring reverse engineers,
malware analysts, and security professionals. Dust off your
disassembler, put a new coat of oil on your old debugger, and get your
favorite chat client ready to futilely beg your friends for help. As
always, this contest is designed for individuals, not teams, and there
is only one track of challenges. The contest runs for six full weeks
and ends on Oct. 13, 2017, at 8pm ET.

This year’s contest is the largest Flare-On Challenge ever, with a
total of 12 challenges. The challenges will once again be x86 and
Windows operating system centric, with some select challenges
involving other architectures such as Linux, Android, and Arduino.
This is one of the only Windows-centric CTF challenges out there and
we have crafted it to represent the skills and challenges of our
workload on the FLARE team.

If you complete the Flare-On Challenge you will receive a prize and
recognition on the Flare-On website
for your accomplishment. Prize details will be revealed when the
contest ends, but trust us, it is something that will be coveted and
envied by your peers. In prior years, winners earned rodeo belt
buckles, replica police badges, and challenge coins.

Check the Flare-On website for a
live countdown timer, to view the previous year’s winners, and to
download past challenges for practice. For official news and
information, we will be using the Twitter hashtag: #flareon4.

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