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During an interview at Business Insider’s IGNITION conference in New York on Wednesday, NBC News’ Megyn Kelly reflected on departure from Fox News. Following is a transcript of the video.

Megyn Kelly: It was a combination of a lot of things. First and foremost, I was not seeing my children grow up. You know, I would leave for work at 3, 3:30, which is exactly when your kids get home from school. You know they had aged into that school schedule. When I started The Kelly File, they were all they were 4, 3, and newborn. By the time I left they were two of the three were in school till 3. So I wasn’t seeing them I wasn’t seeing 2 out of my 3 children Monday through Friday except for that 45 minutes in the morning or you’re just yelling at them to get their backpack and their sneakers and get out, which is not meaningful. So, I wasn’t happy. It wasn’t good enough You know, that I’m fine being a working parent, I need to be a working parent I love my work. That wasn’t good enough, the balance had tipped too far. Professionally, I really felt like there was no more growth for me at Fox News. That I had done all the things I wanted to do there.

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