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Washington Redskins Color RushNFL and Nike

  • The Washington Redskins will play their first “Color Rush” game on Thursday night against the Dallas Cowboys.
  • The Redskins are supposed to wear all-gold uniforms, but the team feels they are garish.
  • As of Wednesday morning, the team is said to be ignoring the NFL and will wear all-burgundy instead.

The Washington Redskins agree with many fans who feel the special “Color Rush” uniforms worn during Thursday night games are garish. But unlike other teams that may also dislike the alternate unis, the Redskins are apparently taking a stand and refusing to wear them.

The Redskins will be playing in their first “Color Rush” game on Thursday night against the Dallas Cowboys. According to renderings released by Nike, the Cowboys are to wear all-white uniforms and the Redskins — as seen above — are to wear all-mustard/gold/Grey Poupon/yellow/whatever.

But as of Wednesday morning, several signs indicate that the Redskins are ignoring the NFL mandate and will not wear the new uniforms. They will instead wear an all-burgundy set, a uniform that would include jerseys and pants that are already part of the team’s normal rotation.

According to Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post, a team spokesman has said for weeks that he did not know what the team would wear during the Color Rush game.

Washington RedskinsWashington Redskins in all-burgundy during a 2008 game. Al Bello/Getty Images

On Wednesday morning, former Redskins player and current ESPN radio host Chris Cooley reported that “as of now” the Redskins are planning to wear “burgundy on burgundy.”

Likewise, Paul Lukas of Uni-Watch reports that sources have told him Washington will not wear the all-yellow uniforms. Lukas added that the decision to wear all-burgundy is still up in the air.

Steinberg also reported that players who wear Nike shoes have already been given burgundy shoes for this week’s game, suggesting the team plans to wear burgundy. One “starter” told Steinberg the team is wearing burgundy, but three other starters said they did not know, with one saying “that’s what I’m trying to figure out myself.”

Prior to the season, the Redskins proposed a “Garish uniforms” rule that would have allowed teams to opt-out of the Color Rush uniforms. That proposal was later pulled before the teams had a chance to vote.

According to J.P. Finlay of NBCS Washington, multiple sources have told him that the NFL still wants the Redskins to wear the all-mustard uniforms.

Keep in mind, Nike is paying the NFL $1.1 billion for the players to wear their designs on the field, so the issue is not going to be taken lightly.

So, while the Redskins appear to be planning to ignore the directive of the NFL, the issue may not be settled yet.

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