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iRobot Braava Jet

Mopping sucks. That’s why we have robots and the $200 Braava Jet 240 does a decent job at keeping my hardwood floor clean. It’s not perfect, but the little robot is so damn adorable. The Braava Jet has a Wall-E vibe to it and I love it.

The Braava Jet is less autonomous than its Roomba siblings. The unit does not have a dock. Instead, there’s a battery pack that needs to be recharged, and users will need to fill the bot with water and install a fresh cleaning pad. Once those are done, though, press the button on top twice, and the robot starts working.

Get this for the person that clearly needs a cleaner floors and have so far not shown a desire to keep them clean themselves. The Braava Jet doesn’t replace a good ol’ mop and bucket — but if used enough it keeps the floors a bit more sparkly.

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