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US President Donald TrumpTrump may have put American national security at risk. Susan Walsh/AP Images

  • President Donald Trump’s White House reportedly received a warning that Trump’s retweets of anti-Muslim videos could jeopardize the security of American embassies in Muslim-majority countries.
  • Trump’s retweets were met with condemnation from British Prime Minister Theresa May and a member of parliament because of the tweets’ origins in the UK.

The State Department issued a warning to the White House after Trump retweeted inflammatory videos from a far-right, anti-Muslim group in the UK, saying that his actions may have put US embassies at risk in the Muslim world, CNN reported Thursday.

An unnamed White House official told CNN that the State Department said Trump’s retweets have the potential to ignite anti-American sentiment in Muslim-majority countries where the US has active embassies. 

Trump’s retweets also set off a diplomatic back and forth on Wednesday between Trump, British Prime Minister Theresa May, and a member of the UK parliament.

“I know you take your role as president very seriously,” British MP Nadhim Zahawi wrote. “I therefore urge you to delete the retweets and do all you can in future to resist courses of action that play into the hands of those who seek to destroy us and our way of life.”

Trump has spurred outrage in the Middle East and elsewhere on several occassions, such as after he announced his initial seven-country travel ban in January, and elicited condemnation from Iran’s foreign minister.

“Collective discrimination aids terrorist recruitment by deepening fault-lines exploited by extremist demagogues to swell their ranks,” Foreign Minister Javad Zarif tweeted after the announcement of the ban.

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