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Tiger WoodsThe Golf Channel

  • Tiger Woods is playing in his first tournament in nearly 10 months.
  • He out-drove Justin Thomas by 30 yards on the first hole.
  • He later birdied the third hole and saved par on No. 4 with a long putt and a fist pump.

Tiger Woods is back and so is his fist pump.

Woods’ first tournament in nearly 10 months got off to a good start. In his first four holes, he birdied one, just missed birdie putts on two others, and sank a long putt to save par on the fourth.

Things got off to a good start on the first tee. Woods drove the ball left and got a nice bounce back into the fairway. More importantly, he drove the ball about 30 yards past playing partner Justin Thomas.

Woods just missed long, but makeable birdie putts on the first two holes. He then had an eagle putt on the Par 5 third hole. That left him with an easy birdie putt to reach 1-under.

Then came the fourth hole. After coming up short on his approach, Woods flubbed his pitch to the green. The announcers didn’t seem too concerned, noting it was something that will happen to a lot of golfers on this course as they need to hit those perfect. Woods did not.

But Woods saved the hole by then making his long par putt.

He even unleashed a classic Tiger fist pump.

At the time of this post, Woods was 1-under through five holes. But as Michael Collins said earlier, the most important thing is that Woods looks healthy and confident.

Tiger might be back.

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