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vine app iphone wideBusiness Insider, William Wei

  • A “follow-up” to Vine is being developed by the app’s ex-CEO, Dom Hofmann.
  • Hofmann said he’s personally funding the project.
  • Twitter acquired Vine in 2012 and killed the video app roughly one year ago.

Former Vine cofounder and CEO Dom Hofmann is working on a successor to the six-second video app, which Twitter bought in 2012 for roughly $30 million and shut down last year.

Hofmann revealed that he’s working on a “follow-up” to Vine in a series of tweets Thursday. He said he would personally fund the app’s development as a side project and that his “first priority” is still running a mysterious startup he recently created called Interspace.

Hofmann stepped down from his lead role at Vine in 2014 and more recently worked on an odd app called Byte that quickly fizzled. He didn’t respond to Business Insider’s request for additional information about how his forthcoming Vine successor would work or when it will be released.

While beloved by its users, Vine struggled to grow its business and retain its most popular creators under Twitter’s watch. The app’s growth slowly withered until Twitter announced it would shut the app down altogether in October 2016.

Vine’s two other cofounders, Colin Kroll and Rus Yusupov, currently run HQ Trivia, the new and increasingly popular live game show app.

You can read Hofmann’s tweets about creating a successor to Vine below:

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