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maison vallance inappropriate picture of girlfriend meghan viralThe photo looks innocent enough at first. WhiteKidCanJump/Twitter

  • Maison Vallance is currently going viral for accidentally sending an inappropriate photo of his girlfriend, Meghan, to his mom.
  • In the photo, Meghan is posing on Vallance’s bed with a shirt that his mom had asked him to find.
  • However, some long red ropes can be seen hanging from the bed’s headboard in the background of the photo.
  • And, well, let’s just say they’re not there for decorative reasons.
  • Vallance’s friend Brooke pointed out the incriminating detail on Twitter — but it was too late.
  • While his mom hasn’t seen the ropes yet, Vallance told BuzzFeed News he doesn’t think she’d freak out.

A 22-year-old man named Maison Vallance is currently going viral for basically living everyone’s worst nightmare.

Back in November, the Tennessee resident accidentally sent an inappropriate photo of his girlfriend to his mom. It all started when Vallance’s mom asked him to find a red shirt she had given him. When Vallance found it in his room, he snapped a cute photo of his girlfriend, Meghan, posing with the shirt on his bed.

Vallance later shared the same photo on his Twitter account because he thought his girlfriend looked “too pretty not to post it.”

This all sounds innocent enough, right? Vallance thought so too — until his friend Brooke pointed out that he had left one pretty explicit detail in the background of the photo: some long red ropes hanging from the bed’s headboard.

I’m going to regret this as soon as I ask, but the ropes…..?” Brooke wrote on Twitter.

When Vallance saw her comment, he, of course, freaked out. “Ok just realized I sent this to my mom with THE ROPES ATTACHED TO MY HEADBOARD…..” he tweeted.

While Vallance hasn’t explicitly confirmed what the ropes are for — although he did tweet they’re there “for constraining purposes” — the entire internet is pretty much thinking the same thing.

And Vallance even tweeted the following suggestion after his photo went viral: “Get y’all a headboard, 2 hitch rings, and some rope. Best $20 you’ll spend.”

Luckily, it seems like Vallance’s mom hasn’t noticed the ropes yet. He told BuzzFeed News that he thinks she hasn’t “clicked open the photo on iMessage.”

maison vallance girlfriend meghanVallance is in the clear — for now. WhiteKidCanJump/Twitter

Thankfully, even if Vallance’s mom ends up seeing the ropes, Vallance doesn’t think she’d care.

“She’s very comfortable with me and I’m comfortable with her,” he told BuzzFeed News.

In fact, he even plans on telling his mom about it and predicts she’ll say something like, “What the hell is wrong with you?”

“I think it will be funny and I’ll just say, OK, let’s forget about this now,” he said to BuzzFeed.

INSIDER has reached out to Maison Vallance for comment.

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