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Apple only needed a month to significantly improve iPhone X stock.

The phone sold out as soon preorders started on October 27th, and many people struggled to find one in retail stores on launch day. But ship times have considerably improved since November 3rd, and now you only have to wait five business days to have your chosen iPhone X model shipped to your door. Better yet, Apple is finally selling a SIM-free iPhone X online, which means you no longer have to choose your carrier at checkout either.

The unlocked iPhone X is listed as an option online, and you’ll receive it within five business days as well, regardless of what color option or storage model you decide to pick up.

The SIM-free iPhone X will work with any carrier, whether it’s a GSM one like AT&T or T-Mobile, or a CDMA operator like Sprint or Verizon. Prefer a regional carrier, an MVNO, or virtually an other option? The SIM-free iPhone X is the model you need. Here’s what the new option looks like on Apple’s website:

Image Source: Apple

As MacRumors explains it was technically possible to buy a SIM-free iPhone as long as you were willing to pay full price for the Verizon iPhone X. But the actual SIM-free option that’s now available to purchase is an easier way of getting the iPhone X you want, and even more importantly, a cheaper way.

From the looks of it, Apple will soon be able to meet demand, which means iPhone X production is going at full steam. Recent reports from Apple insiders claim that Apple has been improving delivery times because it’s able to mass-produce significantly more handsets than it was a few months ago, not because consumer demand has dwindled.

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