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ClassPass is today introducing a new layer to its business with ClassPass Live.

Taking a hint from Peloton, ClassPass is now letting users work out at home through live-streamed classes. The company has purchased a studio in Industry City, along with a production team, so that folks can enjoy all the benefits of heart-rate training without ever leaving their house.

ClassPass has also hired their own instructors to develop classes that are proprietary to ClassPass, rather than licensing out existing workouts and simply streaming them live.

ClassPass CEO Fritz Lanman had this to say in the release:

At ClassPass we’re flexing our technical capabilities to push the future of fitness, especially as it relates to interactive, immersive experiences – nowhere is that more evident than with ClassPass Live. We’ve leveraged our unparalleled data assets and reviews to create one-of-a-kind, live programming anchored in heart rate training that’s unlike anything else on the market. By expanding into an at-home digital product, we’re able to offer existing members more value and flexibility in how and when they work out while simultaneously bringing studio fitness inspired workouts to more people nationwide.

Lanman hinted at this type of move in an interview at Disrupt SF in September.

By vertically integrating workouts, ClassPass can side-step the cost of existing classes and boutiques with their own product. At the same time, ClassPass can expand to markets almost instantly without having to do the footwork on the ground to secure gyms and fitness studios.

Of course, ClassPass Live doesn’t change anything about the core ClassPass offering, and in fact, it will only cost $10/month for existing ClassPass users. The standalone ClassPass live subscription costs $15/month.

ClassPass Live will be available in the beginning of 2018.

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