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Among the additions in Destiny 2‘s just-released Curse of Osiris expansion is a new Public Event on Mercury. Like those in the base game, players looking for an extra challenge (or simply better rewards) can activate a more difficult, Heroic version of this activity. However, doing so isn’t simply a matter of pressing a button–and it’s a more involved process than of any Public Event that we’ve seen before. Here’s what you need to do.

After completing Curse of Osiris’s first mission, head to Mercury and walk straight out of the Lighthouse. The Public Event starts near the two Vex who are standing at attention; stand near them and wait for the event flag to appear, then go toward the inner ring of the Fields of Glass. Enemies will begin spawning on the left and right sides from portals; kill them until an enemy with a yellow health bar named Keeper of Ages appears. It will drop orbs, which you’ll then need to take to two warp gates near where it spawned. Then repeat this process on the other side.

Next, you’ll want to wait for the catapult to turn around. Jump on top of it so you can reach one of the two islands on either side of the area. Kill the enemy named Keeper of Ages Present (or Past), pick up the orb it drops, and dunk it at the center of the island. You’ll then see a Vex object floating near the back of the platform. Shooting this will provide platforms for you to jump on. You’ll likely need more than one person to follow these platforms to the top of the island where they can activate a plate on the roof.

With the Heroic version of the event triggered, the Vex Gate Lord will spawn, this time with a shield. Kill the enemies around it and take the orbs they drop back to the gates from the first part of the event. Catapult up to the roof of the center area, and from here, you can dunk orbs to drop the Gate Lord’s shield, allowing you to damage it. Repeat the process until it’s dead to complete the event.

This Public Event is just one of the new pieces of content you’ll find in Curse of Osiris. There’s also new story content and Strikes on Mercury, as well as Crucible content and a variety of new weapons, gear, and cosmetics to acquire. Its release coincides with that of update 1.1.0, with another major Destiny 2 update due out next week.

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