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Microsoft today is officially launching a new version of its Mixer mobile gameplay streaming app, its Twitch rival. The app, which is initially available on Android with iOS arriving soon, was first introduced into beta testing this fall, with a focus on improvements to its overall user experience, content discovery, performance and personalization features.

For example, the beta build introduced a redesigned “Trending” section that cycles through the featured broadcasts at the top, a better filtering tool to help you find interactive and co-streaming broadcasts, and a new “Following” section for tracking favorite broadcasters. This tab will feature broadcasters who are live along with other recommended streams.

Meanwhile, users profile pages have been updated with links to their channel, level and “sparks.”

Microsoft also said that the app’s code base had been improved to boost performance and stability.

Since the beta test, a few things have been added ahead of today’s public launch, Microsoft tells us For example, the app can send out push notifications that alert you to when favorite streamers are on, and you can now tap and hold on the homepage to see video previews.

The search algorithms have been enhanced, too, to boost content discovery, says Microsoft.

Viewers can also customize Mixer by making adjustments to Settings like stream video quality, chat and audio toggles, and sharing options.

Chat has gotten an upgrade as well, as it includes a viewer list, whispers, and basic mod features.

The launch comes at a time when Microsoft is trying to gain ground in mobile gameplay streaming, in a market where Amazon-owned Twitch has been dominating.

Though Mixer offers similar features to Twitch and YouTube Gaming – like emotes, subscriptions and live broadcasts – Twitch has more concurrent streamers and viewers, according to third-party reports, with YouTube in second place. Mixer is still trying to make a dent, so refreshing its mobile experience is key to staying competitive.

Mixer is live on Android today, and expects the iOS version to be available in the next few days.

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