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Software development isn’t exactly something that naturally lends itself to mobile. Who, after all, wants to code on a virtual keyboard and a small screen. But you don’t need to be bound to a desktop or laptop to manage your code or to compare the latest revisions of a file while you’re on the go. It’s maybe no surprise then that Assembla, a cloud-based enterprise version control service and GitHub competitor, today announced the launch of its mobile app for iOS.

This app allows Assembla users to easily manage their Git, Subversion and Perforce repos from their iPhones and iPads. Using the app, developers can compare revisions of any given file in their repos, search their files for any text strings in their code and see a detailed file history for every revision, including who made what changes — and when.

What’s maybe just as useful is that the app allows its users to subscribe to push notifications for whenever a file is added, deleted or modified. The app also allows you to monitor any SVN locking operations.

You’re obviously not going to write any code with the help of this new app, but it looks to be a pretty useful tool for a quick code review and for performing basic commits — assuming you use Assembla. That’s because the app is currently locked to managing Assembla repos only. You can’t manage your GitHub accounts with it (though there are some mobile apps available for that, too). As Assembla VP of product Laith Dahiyat told me, though, “if that’s something our users are interested in, we’re always listening.”

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