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GlassWire 2.0 has been released that comes with some new features such as VirusTotal scanning, Windows Firewall rules synchronization, WiFi evil twin discovery, multi-monitor support, and hi-res monitor support.

GlassWire is a popular network monitoring program and firewall that silently runs in the background while monitoring your network. This allows it to detect new network connections, determine how much bandwidth you are using, see what sites processes are connecting to, and more. This makes it very useful for detecting new threats that may be running on your computer or applications that are making too many network requests. You can then block any processes you want from accessing the network.

You can download GlassWire 2.0.78 now and get a free 7-day trial of their paid features, which includes Ask to Connect, Lock Down Mode, Mini Graph, and a longer amount of network history. After the 7-day trial you can purchase GlassWire starting at $39 or continue using GlassWire in its free mode.

Below we have highlighted some of the features that really stand out.

Automatic VirusTotal Analysis

A new feature that I really like is the ability for GlassWire to automatically upload any new processes that utilize the network to VirusTotal. This allows you to quickly get an idea if any malware programs are running on your computer. 

For example, I tested this feature using an adware bundle, and as it was being installed, GlassWire uploaded the new processes to VirusTotal and retrieved the scan results. This allowed me to quickly spot the unwanted programs on the computer.

You can see an example of GlassWire detecting some of the malicious executables that were installed by the adware bundle below.

GlassWire 2.0 uploading new processes to VirusTotalGlassWire 2.0 uploading new processes to VirusTotal

If you want to see more details about a particular processes VirusTotal scan, you can click on a little information button that will appear next to the results for a link to the actual scan page.

It would be great if it was possible to configure GlassWire to firewall a process based on the amount of detections it had in VirusTotal. Jon Hundley, the creator of GlassWire, said he would look into it seeing if that could be added.

Evil Twin WiFi Attack Detection

Another new feature is the ability to detect Evil Twin attacks when connected to WiFi.  Evil Twin is a man-in-the-middle attack where fraudulent access points masquerade as legitimate ones in order to snoop and steal information. 

You can see an example of GlassWire 2.0 detecting one of these attacks below.

Example of an Evil Twin attack alertExample of an Evil Twin attack alert

What’s new in GlassWire 2.0:

Below is a complete list of the new features found in GlassWire 2.0:

  • A completely new user interface!
  • Hi-resolution monitor support;
  • GlassWire 2.0 now supports several monitors simultaneously (the user can move GlassWire from one monitor to another and our user interface will be updated, dependent of the monitor resolution);
  • Usage. Time intervals selection improvements. Now user can select a day, week, month or custom intervals;
  • Firewall profiles. User can create a blank profile or a new profile based on the current firewall profile;
  • Firewall rules synchronization with the Windows firewall. GlassWire now checks the integrity of its Windows Firewall rules on every start. If some rules were removed GlassWire will restore them on the next start;
  • Firewall optimizations;
  • VirusTotal support;  Go to GlassWire’s settings to check your network-related files using VirusTotal.
  • The new Wi-Fi evil twin alert notifies if a known Wi-Fi access point becomes unprotected or its MAC address is changed;
  • The settings window is redesigned
  • The ability to choose between the system time format and a time format native for the selected language;
  • The ability to switch on/off automatic network scanning and its time interval in GlassWire’s general settings;
  • The ability to establish a remote connection by the hostname instead of IP address;
  • Multiple internal improvements and optimizations;
  • GlassWire now includes a 7 day paid trial for free users.

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