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More skilled tech workers came to the UK from India, the USA, and Australia in 2016 than from the top five EU countries, according to LinkedIn data.

The data — touted in a Tech City UK study on Friday — shows that India provided 12% of all the skilled tech workers migrating to the UK in 2016, while the US provided 10%. European neighbours Spain and France provided 6% each, while Italy provided 5%, Ireland 5%, and Germany 3%.

Technology founders and investors in the UK have raised concerns that their businesses could suffer if Brexit makes it harder for them to hire engineers and software developers from across the EU. A report from policy group Coalition for a Digital Economy (Coadec) in February suggested Brexit will leave the UK short of 800,000 digital workers by 2020.  But the LinkedIn data suggests that the UK technology sector may not be as reliant on skilled EU workers as it thinks it is. 

Tech City UK is a publicly-funded organisation responsible for growing the UK tech sector. Its leaders were in favour of remaining in the EU but now the UK has voted to leave, the organisation is trying to focus on the positives.

Gerard Grech, Tech City UK CEO, said in a statement: “There is a skills crisis looming in the digital tech sector and competition for talent is fierce and global. By understanding exactly where skilled tech workers come from we can plan for the future and invest where it is necessary. The insights that LinkedIn have shared with us also allow us to build up a bigger picture than ever before of the skills each UK region has.”

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