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Net Neutrality was just repealed, and the war for open Internet access has just begun.

Open access to the Internet should be a right protected under the Constitution.

Thanks to the FCC, you just lost your right to access a free and open Internet. I hate regulations, I don’t like big government, but open access to the Internet is not a state rights issue; this is a humans rights issue.

Net Neutrality was not a typical regulation, as it was essentially the Internet’s bill of rights protecting our access to a free and open Internet. It has now been repealed.

Our ability to interact with each other and the rest of the World needs to be protected as a right, not a privellage. This is a human rights issue, and it has nothing to do with free markets, competition or any of the other propaganda being spread by luddites who are trying to make net neutrality sound like a political issue.

Anyone who is arguing that disabling open access to the Internet is a good thing for free markets doesn’t understand the technical function of how the Internet works. By removing open access, you’re actually completely disabling the free market and turning ISPs into the Internet thought police.

Our freedom to communicate with each other and the rest of humanity are about to be restricted by corporations who just bought off our government to repeal Net Neutrality and who intend to surveil, monetize, and brainwash the American people. These corporations now have full reign to censor users, restrict access, and deny us access to communicate with each other much like China and Russia have done.

By repealing Net Neutrality, the FCC just gave mega corportations, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and state governments the permission to violently disembowel the Internet. Now ISPs can create Internet fast lanes, throttle traffic to services they don’t like, or even disable access completely. This means you will be paying more to use the services you use regularly, and potentially lose access to future innovations and existing information.

We all knew the FCC was corrupt, and I did not care for the “pork” in Net Neutrality. Meanwhile, I did not think the FCC was the proper governing body to enforce the principle freedoms inherent within Net Neutrality. However, it was the best thing we had to protect open access to the Internet.

Now that Net Neutrality has been repealed, we need to amend the Constitution to re-enable the open Internet freedoms we just lost.

We Need To Decentralize and Fight Back

Today’s FCC ruling to repeal Net Neutrality is just the beginning. The powers that be are afraid of what the Internet has become and this is shot fired to try and destroy it. This is why the people of the World need to adopt the principles of decentralization as a means to take power out of the hands of mega corporations and World governments.

The FCC just proved once again that the US Government can be bought and paid for, and that we can no longer trust centralized systems. This includes Internet Service Providers, wireless carriers, major media corporations, and even the tech giants.

This is why cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, and decentralization technologies like blockchain are so important to the future of the Internet. They take power away from corporations and governments, and return that power to the people by creating systems that are inherently fair and not controlled by a centralized authority.

Meanwhile, technologies such as mesh networks, and peer-2-peer networks (P2P) already exist and can be used to decentralize the Internet away from corrupt Interent Service Providers. Today’s FCC ruling is why decentralization is so important, and why we need to build our own Internet and take our freedoms back from the corrupt governments of the World and the corporations who control them.

If you don’t believe in open access to the Internet, then you don’t believe in freedom.

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