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ustwo Carsten CEONew ustwo CEO Carsten Wierwille. ustwo

  • ustwo was founded in London by school friends Matt “Mills” Miller and John “Sinx” Sinclair.
  • They’ve brought in a new CEO called Carsten Wierwille to help them run the company.
  • ustwo has developed digital products and apps for companies like DeepMind and BMW. It also built the hit game “Monument Valley.”

London gaming studio ustwo — the firm behind the popular “Monument Valley” iOS app — has hired its first global CEO as it continues to expand worldwide.

Carsten Wierwille, who previously led visual effects group Method, will oversee ustwo offices in London, New York, Malmö, and Sydney, along with satellite operations in Los Angeles and Tokyo.

Founded in 2004 by Matt “Mills” Miller and John “Sinx” Sinclair, ustwo is a digital product studio that has built apps, websites, and other interactive products for companies like Google, Ford, DeepMind, Nike, BMW, Qantas, Samsung, and NBC.

The company also has a gaming division called ustwo studios and a company builder and investment arm called ustwo Adventure, which has backed music ticketing app Dice and running startup Tribe, among others.

Miller and Sinclair will assume new positions within the ustwo group. Miller will lead ustwo Adventure and chair ustwo Games, while Sinclair, previously CEO of ustwo Studios, will become its chairman.

“Over the past 14 years, ustwo has stealthily disrupted industries, defined new frontiers and delivered tangible results. Today, we are at an inflection point where we need to continue this momentum forward, but also optimize to drive growth,” said Sinclair in a statement.

Miller added: “Carsten has the experience to guide us there; he is a natural leader and understands how to inspire our people and clients and continue to drive and evolve our approach to digital products and services.”

ustwo’s “Monument Valley” game had been downloaded around 2.15 million times, according to the BBC, generating roughly £3.94 million in revenue, which Apple will have received a chunk of. Just over a year late, by May 2016, the game had been downloaded over 26 million times and total revenue for the app was $14.4 million (£11.5 million), according to an ustwo Games blog post on Medium.

Apple CEO Tim Cook visited ustwo’s London office in February to get a sneak peek at one of their upcoming games.

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