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Tesla SemiThe Tesla Semi.Tesla
  • Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas wrote that Tesla could have 1,230 pre-orders for the new Semi.
  • Major companies have been putting down pre-orders, marking a vote of confidence in the vehicles.
  • The Semi will be priced at $150,000, and Tesla says it will arrive in 2019.

In a research note published Monday, Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas suggested that Tesla might have booked 1,230 pre-orders for its recently unveiled all-electric Semi truck.

Jonas cited a report by Green Car Reports to back up his information and conceded that he had no independent way of verifying the figure.

Big companies have been buying into the Semi, which will be priced to start at $150,000 when it goes on official sale in 2019. Pre-order cost $5,000 and have been placed by Pepsi, Walmart, and Sysco.

Jonas dutifully pointed out that Tesla is putting a lot on its plate, as it ramps up production of the Model 3 sedan, develops its solar roof business, and hits maximum capacity for the Model S and Model X luxury vehicles. He also doesn’t think that the Semi will make all that much difference to Tesla’s overall valuation.

“While we see Tesla semi as a natural market adjacency to the personal transport model, we struggle seeing it worth more than 10% of the current market cap,” he wrote. 

Tesla’s current market cap is over $50 billion,

“On the other hand, the game-changing capabilities and economics of the Tesla semi potentially set off separation between the technology leaders and the laggards among carriers, shippers, truck OEMs and suppliers,” Jonas added.

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