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Ooma, the company that’s probably still best known for its VoIP platform, today announced that it has acquired Butterfleye, an AI-powered video camera and security platform that produces a smart security camera for home and business use. Ooma plans to integrate Butterfleye’s camera into its Ooma Home security solution, but the company will also continue to sell the camera under its original brand.

The companies did not disclose the financial details of the transaction.

“Butterfleye offers a fantastic intelligent security camera system and we’re excited to add its capabilities to the Ooma Home security service,” said Eric Stang, chief executive officer of Ooma, in today’s announcement. “Our strategy is to build upon Ooma’s smart communications platform to provide advanced connected home solutions and this acquisition is an important step in that direction.”

Founded in 2015, the Butterfleye team launched its camera with an Indiegogo campaign in 2016. The company raised a total of just under $4 million since its launch, though it has mostly remained under the radar. In terms of its features, which include face and person recognition, thermal, sound and motion sensors, as well as the usual 24/7 live streaming to virtually any device.

Overall, the Butterfleye may not look all that different from the kind of cheap WiFi cameras you can often buy on Amazon for under $30. But the company promises a bit more intelligence than these cameras, though, and a degree of robustness that most of the cheaper WiFi camera’s can’t offer. Still, with a price of at least $199,99 for a single wireless camera and $499.99 for a three-pack, we’re talking about a serious investment, especially when even Nest’s premium camera, which has far wider name recognition, retails for similar prices.

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