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  • Whole Foods’ 365 Everyday Value brand is now the No. 2-selling private-label brand that Amazon offers, according to a report by One Click Retail.
  • The brand has generated $10 million in online sales in the first four months since Amazon acquired Whole Foods.

Amazon has sold $10 million in Whole Foods snacks, canned foods, and frozen fruits and vegetables in the first four months since the brand became available on the retailer’s website.

Whole Foods’ 365 Everyday Value brand is now the No. 2-selling private-label brand that Amazon offers, according to a report by One Click Retail, an ecommerce analytics firm.

The top-selling brand is AmazonBasics, which features generic versions of electronics accessories, like cables and plugs.

“Already with an estimated $10 million in sales since launch and with an average weekly growth of 9%, we can pretty much guarantee that this is going to be a huge brand on Amazon in 2018,” One Click Retail said in its report.

Amazon added Whole Foods’ products to its website in late August, shortly after closing its $13.7 billion deal to acquire the grocery chain.

The brand is now overtaking some of Amazon’s top food brands on the site, such as Happy Belly.

“One of the top brands, Happy Belly, was the leader in trail mix at the end of Q3, but — despite strong sales — that product line was dropped at the beginning of October, effectively making 365 Amazon’s new official snack food brand,” the report said. “Happy Belly has since transitioned to selling coffee and spices, but it hasn’t recovered from the sales drop caused by losing trail mix.”

Another major grocery brand, Wickedly Prime, has also seen its growth flatlining since the launch of 365, according to One Click Retail.

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