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Decisions, decisions. Do you link to your Instagram profile on your Twitter feed or your Facebook page? Or maybe you want to showcase your Github, LinkedIn and Pinterest pages but there’s only one URL field which means you have to choose.

Linkkle is a newly launched, free to use tool that aims to remove this dilemma by letting you post a single link (aka your ‘linkkle’) that points to a link hub where you can add up to 10 links to all your various social media accounts along with some basic profile info.

Basic idea being you don’t need to keep switching out your social media profile links — you can just link to your linkkle.

“I’m a web designer/developer and initially back in late 2016 I had a very crude version I used to send links to my clients rather than bombard them with an email full of different links. Whilst working with some other developers on projects I shared a link in this manner and several of them asked could they use it too,” says UK-based creator, Paul Maloney, who’s bootstrapping the project between his freelance jobs.

“As with anything I started to get more feature requests and some of the users started using it differently than intended. The idea grew from that really and I feel it could be of use to everyone from everyday social media users to bloggers, social media marketers and anybody else that has a number of links to share.”

Whether fatigued social media users really want to have to sign up to yet another service to try to take some of the strain out of managing their online life remains to be seen. But if you’re active on a lot of accounts and want to keep things streamlined it could come in handy.

That said, there is clearly some overlap with existing services — such as, for example. Though Linkkle is a lot more ‘no frills’ (not least because it’s an MVP); right now it’s really just offering a way to collapse access to multiple links into one link.

If you want a way to showcase a more glossy profile/CV page is a better option. So horses for courses and all that.

But is it is a business-in-the-making or just a tool? “At the moment it’s a utility, I saw a need for it and it’s had some great reviews and feedback from users,” says Maloney on that, adding: “If it continues to grow and the users keep supporting it strongly there is a possibility of adding some premium features.”

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