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USS Wisconsin

The USS Wisconsin, which was one of the last battleships the US ever built, saw combat in World War II, the Korean War, and even the Gulf War.

Nicknamed “The Wisky,” the Wisconsin provided cover for the invasion of Iwo Jima, was struck by a 155 mm shell during the Korean War, and launched eight of the 47 Tomahawk cruise missiles in the opening salvo of the Persian Gulf War.

After being commissioned and decommissioned three times, the Wisconsin was finally put to rest in 1991.

It’s now on permanent display at the Nauticus museum in Norfolk, Virginia — and we recently took a tour of it.

Check it out below:

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Originally commissioned in 1944, the Wisconsin is over 887 feet long …

… over 108 feet wide, and nearly 40 feet tall.

The Wisky had a displacement of 58,000 tons when fully loaded, and it was powered by four geared Westinghouse turbines that brought it to more than 38 mph. 

Now, let’s go aboard.

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