The 5 best new songs you can stream right now

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justin timberlake filthyJustin Timberlake in “Filthy.”YouTube/JustinTimberlakeVEVO

This week, Justin Timberlake released a perplexingly mediocre single from his upcoming fifth album, and Kendrick Lamar collaborated with SZA on a soundtrack song for Marvel’s “Black Panther” film. 

Here are the 5 best songs from the past week that you can stream right now:

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Justin Timberlake — “Filthy”

After promoting his upcoming fifth album, “Man of the Woods,” as a “personal” LP with an apparent country bent, Justin Timberlake pulled a 180 and dropped “Filthy,” a Timbaland-produced, robo-funk lead single with cringeworthy lyrics (“What you gonna do with all that meat? / Cookin’ up a mean servin'”).

Sounding like a rehashed outtake from 2006’s “FutureSex/LoveSounds,” the song’s music video features Timberlake as a Steve Jobs-like character unveiling a provocatively dancing robot at a “Pan-Asian” technology conference in the year 2028.

MGMT — “Hand It Over”

“Hand It Over” — the third stellar single from MGMT’s upcoming fourth album, “Little Dark Age” — effectively channels the drifting rock ballads of the 1970s through the band’s singular psychedelic sensibility. 

Hudson Mohawke — “Foxy Boxing”

Scottish producer Hudson Mohawke released the anticipated studio version to “Foxy Boxing,” a vibrant, densely-layered instrumental that became a fan-favorite bootleg after Mohawke started playing it at live shows in 2011. 

Flying Lotus — “Quarantine”

Flying Lotus debuted an eerie and eccentric jazz piece, “Quarantine,” at the end of a new 45-minute SoundCloud mix from his Brainfeeder label. The song starts at the 43-minute mark in the mix below.

Kendrick Lamar — “All the Stars” (feat. SZA)

Kendrick Lamar puts in a standard-issue verse over an “808s and Heartbreak”-style beat on “All the Stars,” which features a well-sung but generic pop hook from Lamar’s TDE labelmate SZA. It’s the lead single off the Lamar-curated soundtrack to Marvel’s upcoming “Black Panther” film. 

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