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  • Kenyan taxi buses, or “matatus,” are all over Nairobi and outlying cities.
  • They’re privately owned and decorated both inside and out, and their low cost makes them extremely popular for getting around.
  • However, they’ve carried a reputation for violence and harassment for decades.

All around Kenya, plumes of black smoke get coughed from the tailpipes of colorful mutatus, the privately-owned taxi buses that ferry people around the city and suburbs.

For around $0.20 a ride, passengers can step inside a flashy bus or truck blaring rhythm-heavy music, and cram into a hot, muggy seat surrounded by a dozen other people. On a busy day, someone might be hanging onto the back.

Mutatus have spent the better part of the last several decades building up (and then trying to shed) a reputation for violence and harassment of passengers. And today, as Kenya’s government tries to eliminate mutatus in favor of larger, more efficient buses, the old-school transport method is on the verge of extinction.

Here’s what they’re all about.

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Kenyan mutatus are all owned by one of 600 Savings and Credit Cooperative Organizatios, or SACCOs, the government associations that regulate buses.

Source: Standard Media

Until 2015, laws strictly prohibited owners from decking out their mutatus in flashy paint or bright colors. Then that law was repealed, opening the floodgates for inventive designs.

Source: Nairobi Today

The newfound freedom has made for eye-popping vehicles that roam through cities and countryside. Most of the vehicles are safe, but it wasn’t always this way.

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