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Forget drone delivery. Intel made drones play the piano. Using a system very similar to the one used by Lady Gaga in the Super Bowl, drones took center stage at Intel’s CES keynote and played a piano like Tom Hanks did in Big. It was fantastic.

The show starts out with band called Algorithm and Blues. Fast forward if you must, but their performance was fun too. You want to see the drones after their bit.

Intel didn’t detail how the drones work inside but instead briefly announced this version of the Shooting Star program. I had an early look at this program before it’s first show in Disney World in 2016 and the platform pre-programs the path of the drones to create a light show. In that version, the drones lacked collision detection and used GPS to plot their location. But this show happened inside a Las Vegas theater where GPS is not available.

Like any good technology, it’s as good as magic.

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