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Libratone has been around for almost ten years, but for the longest time, the company was mostly known for its Bluetooth speakers. With the launch of the Pixel 2, Google chose Libratone as one of its first “Made for Google” headset partners, which gave the company’s headset lineup a bit of a boost. Now, at CES, the company is launching its latest headset, the Libratone TRACK+ Wireless In-Ear.

There’s obviously nothing new about wireless in-ear headsets (you can get one that’s good enough for many people for under $30 these days). What’s interesting here is that Libratone is building adaptive adjustable noise cancelling into this pair.

Libratone’s other noise cancelling headsets already give you the option to switch between four noise cancelling levels, depending on your environment. The TRACK+ earphones will automatically do this for you. With that, Libratone is following in the footsteps of Beats, which also recently announced its Studio 3 over-ear headsets with a similar feature.

In my experience with the company’s Q Adapt on-ear headset, Libratone’s noise cancellation works well enough, though at its higher settings, there is a hiss that’s significantly more noticeable than what I’m used to from my Bose headset. On the other hand, though, you’re not really going to notice that when you’re in the kind of noisy environment where you want to use that setting.

The new headsets will come in two colors: “stormy black” and “cloudy white.” They will start retailing at Amazon and other retailers for $199 in early 2018.

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