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SimpliSafe was one of the first modern startups in the home security space. Over the course of the last few years, though, as others entered the market, too, SimpliSafe’s rather pedestrian design started to look stale. Now, at CES, the company is introducing a full redesign of its system, both in terms of design and technology. In addition, it’s also launching a video doorbell, a smart lock and an outdoor camera.

The new system’s sensors are half the size of the old ones (but with double the range). Indeed, the idea here is that the new design, which the company worked on with IDEO, is meant to be invisible. The new base station, which includes both a Wi-Fi and cellular connection with a 24-hour battery backup, now features a new firmware and increased processing speed — and even if an intruder smashes the base station, siren and keypad, the new system should now still be able to get an alert out to the authorities.

“For the new SimpliSafe, we’ve improved everything,” said Chad Laurans, SimpliSafe’s founder and CEO. “It’s a doubling-down on SimpliSafe’s core mission from day one: to make the best home protection possible available at a price that is radically fair. There is nothing else like it.”

Details for the video doorbell, outdoor camera and smart lock are still a bit sparse. The company says that its video doorbell will feature 1080p video, two-way audio and motion alerts. As you’d expect, the outdoor camera will feature motion detection, though the company hasn’t said much about its smart lock yet. SimpliSafe does say, however, that it will also soon support Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant across its product line.

The price for the SimpliSafe security system will remain the same. An entry-level kit will retail for $299, with a system with more sensors will retail for $539. Individual sensors will cost $15 for basic entry sensors and $99 for the company’s indoor camera. The subscription price for 24/7 monitoring remains at $15/month.

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