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AWS Lambda, Amazon’s serverless platform, now features support for functions written in Go, the increasingly popular programming language that was originally developed at Google.

This announcement doesn’t come as a surprise, given that AWS already announced that it would add Go support during its re:Invent conference last year. It’s only now, though, that developers can actually write Go functions and run them on Lambda.

With this move, Lambda now supports Go, JavaScript, Node.js, Java, C# and Python. Google’s Lambda competitor Cloud functions, which is still lingering in beta, currently only supports Node.js, while Azure Functions supports C#, JavaScript, F# and Java (with experimental support for Python, PHP, TypeScript, Batch, Bash and Powershell).

While language support isn’t everything when it comes to serverless platforms, support for more languages opens a platform like Lambda up to a wider range of developers — and in this early stage of the serverless game, that matters.

Go code on Lambda is executed in a standard go1.x runtime and developers can upload their code as a ZIP file through the AWS command line tool or in the Lambda console. In addition, AWS X-Ray, the company’s monitoring and debugging solution for distributed applications, now also supports Go functions for Lambda and AWS CodeStar can now helps you set up your continuous delivery toolchain for Go functions, too.

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