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French startup Forest just raised a $3.7 million seed round (€3 million) from Connect Ventures and Xavier Niel, with Taavet Hinrikus also participating. Pietro Bezza and Jean de La Rochebrochard are joining the board of the company. The startup first started in the eFounders startup studio.

I already wrote about the startup back in May. The vision hasn’t changed at all. Forest still wants to build the backbone of your company by creating hooks with all the web services you use. This way, you get a single dashboard to track your data, manipulate your data and handle basic actions.

For instance, you can plug Forest with Stripe, Intercom, and Mixpanel. You can also create custom integrations and build dashboards with your company’s most important metrics. You can also dive into your data and search, save specific searches, segment your user base, get charts and more. It’s an easy way to get insights on your startup.

But Forest doesn’t want you to just look at data — you can look at Intercom messages and issue a refund on Stripe without ever leaving Forest for instance. It’s going to save you a ton of time when it comes to handling repetitive tasks with multiple services.

Forest is also a good way to manage administration rights across the board. Instead of granting access to five different services, you can add them to Forest. You can also restrict some features if your intern doesn’t need to see all past transactions.

Using Forest doesn’t mean that you have to give the startup all your data. Forest requests are all issued from your client to your application database. Nothing goes through Forest’s servers.

So far, the startup has attracted over 350 clients. Basic features are free, and you can also pay to get more features, such as permissions, smart views custom integrations and more.

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