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MirraViz wants to bring an end to gamers screen-peeking. The startup’s display technology lets different people watch different things on the same projector screen depending on where they’re sitting. The best part of this is that only you can see what’s happening on your screen.

The technology is definitely still in its early stages, but it’s so, so exciting already. The highly reflective projector screens send light directly back to the projector being used so anybody within a foot or two of it can see the image, but it shows up blank to everyone else. You can do with this multiple projectors on the same screen.

There are a lot of theoretical use cases for the technology, but for consumers today it’s a bit murkier. Right now, the startup is looking heavily at the gamer market where split-screen gameplay is a source of constant consternation for those convinced that their friends are cheaters.

Whether this problem is severe enough to justify buying a pair of projectors and the custom screen for $1,499 is certainly a worthy question, though you also can use existing projectors and just buy the screen, which starts at $499.

Where this technology could go with face-tracking or — looking even further in the future — drone-mounted projectors could enable a world of fully custom entertainment. The world of Blade Runner or Minority Report, where every ad is custom-tailored, could exist with this tech, but for now, MirraViz focused on showcasing the less dystopian, more fun use cases at CES last week.

Check out the video above for more details on the technology from MirraViz CEO Michael Wang.

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