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Companies like New Relic and AppDynamics have been offering applications performance management solutions to help operations teams track external performance issues for years. Nyansa (pronounced ‘knee-ans-sah’) is bringing that kind of performance management to internal networks. Today, the company announced a $15 million Series B investment.

The round was led by Intel Capital with participation from Formation 8, a Series A investor. Nyansa has now raised $27 million, according to the company. Nyansa co-Founder and CEO Abe Ankumah wouldn’t discuss a specific valuation, but did say it was a step up from Series A.

Ankumah says his company is focused on user device performance inside a company network. Just as with consumers, employees get annoyed by performance issues, and Nyansa is designed to help network admins track and fix performance problems.

“We improve the experience in big data computer networks. As people leverage wireless devices, our software allows IT teams to get a grip on user performance management,” Ankumah explained.

The tool, which is offered as a cloud service, uses a crawler, which is installed as a virtual appliance, to monitor network traffic data, performance metrics, logs and live traffic. They then take all of that data and extract performance metrics and display it in a dashboard. It doesn’t require any agent or software on end user devices.

The solution is targeted at IT pros and network administrators to help them understand when there are issues on the network and how to fix them. Sometimes it can also be used to understand when it’s time to expand or update equipment. If you are getting consistent performance problems, it could be a sign that your network setup isn’t cutting it for the number of people using it.

The company, which launched in 2013, currently has around 30 employees with 100 customers across 300 production environments. Customers include Tesla, Uber, Mission Health, Proctor and Gamble, Notre Dame and the International Red Cross.

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